Calliope Handmade

Retail Branding, Toy Design, Textile Design

Calliope was a passion project. I taught myself how to design sewing patterns and prototyped dozens of dolls, before finally landing on Rabunzel’s twinkled-eyed gaze and golden whiskers. It is her story featured in this project. 

Upon purchase of their heirloom-quality doll, customers would receive a storybook fabric catalog, featuring the doll’s story and eight patterned fabrics inspired by the plot. Including pat-the-bunny style cut outs in the catalog allows space for parent and child to create an emotional connection with the fabrics whilst reading a bedtime story. Later, parents could continue the brand experience by ordering fabric and doing a sewing project with their little one. 

Calliope is the greek muse of epic poetry and storytelling, and is also the name for the steam organs common at the circus. 

In 2018 I plan on adding more charcters to the menagerie, starring femme fatales such as Frida Katlo, Bunny Oakley, Mata Hoppy Hari and Cleocatra. 

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