Wallidug Tea Bar

Restaurant Branding

Wallidug Tea Bar is a mixology tea bar featuring a rotating floral inspired menu and blooming teas led by the core insight “Blend. Steep. Bloom.” This is no coffee shop: where you come in, open your laptop, caffeinate, and leave. Instead, Wallidug encourages guests to sample from inventive tea blends and to linger over conversation and small plates. “Wallidug” is Scottish slang for “china dog,” referencing the china hearthside dogs that often adorn British tea shops. 

In branding Wallidug, I crafted a system of “lyrical scribbles” inspired by the work of abstract expressionist Cy Twombly, to symbolize the evolving, experimental nature of the tea bar. You can spot the use of the scribbles announcing a moment of surprise or experimentation: a tea sample, a new blend or on a gift card. 

Additionally, I wanted to include special moments in which my system could “bloom” like the teas that serve as the cornerstone of the restaurant. I incorporated inventive folds in the gift card holder to evoke a flower, and in the social media campaign, I chose to occasionally include cinemagraphs: a romantic, quietly blooming blend of still photo and short film which felt especially appropriate to the spirit of the restaurant. 

wallidug.restaurant.1 copy copy.jpg
wallidug.screens copy.jpg