Novel Society

Experiential Design, Branding

Novel Society is a pop up concept for Amazon and Delta Airlines designed to connect new users with the Kindle Paperwhite through airport reading lounges, on-flight programs, apps and novelty signage. 

Led by the insight, “kindle connection.” Novel Society is designed to connect lonely super-commuters to books and other travelers. “Novel Society” is a double entendre referencing not only a book club, but new friends and connections. This initiative would launch in the Seattle International Airport. Seattle is the home of Amazon headquarters, is the ranked the #5 loneliest city in the U.S. and an airport market that Delta is trying to break into. 

In the Novel Society lounge, supercommuters could sip a latte in a hammock while reading a new book on their Kindle Paperwhite loan in a hygge-inspired space that beats the crowded airport terminal. Upon receipt of their kindle loan, members could take a quiz to recommend their next read or enjoy the free ebook of the month. Members can keep track of their visits to the lounge with a library-card inspired luggage tag, and earn a free ebook. 

The experience isn’t limited to the lounge. Guests and members alike can read books on the app and enjoy a free kindle loan on their Delta flight. Within the Novel Society community, users can connect, react to what others are highlighting, or see who else is reading alongside them on their flight, in their city or in the rest of the world. 

The Kindle Paperwhite uses patented technology called e-ink, which is magnetically charged black and white droplets of ink thatshift in a grid pattern to form the words you read. Inspired by this digital-meets analog technology, I chose to use interactive flipdot walls as advertising within the airports. The walls are comprised of thousands of double-sided black and white discs that flip to create a picture, just like the paperwhite. The wall features quotes and big data insights about kindle readers. People can also tweet at the wall and submit comments to be featured. 

Novel Society’s mark is inspired by vintage bookplates, and changes to match the free ebook of the month.